The carnival could go no further than NSPS-Dot-Net.

Welcome to the home of NSPS, provider of irresistibly popadelic, hauntingly poetic, wonderfully droll music for a dying carnival.

NEW ALBUM: The Carnival Could Go No Further out July 7!

The Carnival Could Go No Further

Buy it now! Join us for the release show at Urban Lounge, July 7 at 6 p.m. Check out the video for the lead track, "Lazy Genius."


This page remains a resource for all past disowned and to-be-released, not-yet-disowned NSPS projects. It will answer all of life's questions, providing that life's questions are limited to ones like these:


"who are these NSPS guys?"

"what does it sound like?"

"what'd he say?"

" What does NSPS stand for?"




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